Steve Scheetz for Congress District 1


Why I am running for congress in the 8th congressional district here in Bucks County, Pennsylvania
In recent decades, the most consistent argument laid out as to why a politician should be elected to office is so that politician can fight to remove corruption from our government. Then, once in power, most of the politicians who have gone to fight corruption don’t seem to be able to find it! Election cycles pass, these same politicians remain in office, and the only explanation that makes any sense at all, has to do with the overwhelming amount of voter apathy. 

How many people have decided that their vote is meaningless due to the fact that Republicans and Democrats all tend to raise taxes and initiate endless wars of aggression no matter what they have promised during their most recent re-election campaigns? I do not have an exact number, but it has been climbing for quite some time now, and unless WE change something, nothing will change.

I am running because I need another choice! While it is true that when elected, I will be the servant to the people of the 8th, because that is what the job description is, but I live in the 8th as well, and I know, for a fact, that none of the politicians who have been elected within this district have offered anything more than lip service to their oath of office. 

On my candidate page, I have been publishing various planks of my platform. This platform stems from the Libertarian Non-Aggression Principle which states: “I refuse to initiate the use of force or fraud to achieve my goals.” Everyone will know how I will vote on an issue will know exactly where my position is, because it will start and finish with this principle, and it will end with the thought: “People are in a better position to run their lives than the government. They should be able to run their lives their way provided they are not interfering with other people living their lives their way. “Simply put, do not harm others and do not take their stuff!” (I will be applying this to the US government in addition to everyone else) 

Most, if not all of you have read about how some strange new regulation was passed in the current 30,000 page spending bill, and it was passed because nobody in Congress read the bill before signing it, or if they did, they either missed that provision on page 18,765, or failed to mention it to their constituents. 

I favor simplification and I support transparent bills. We have been promised transparent government, and while I may not be able to update everyone all of the time, personally, I will make sure that there is a summary of what happened during the day on my webpage, upcoming votes, there will be an archive, and an explanation of what is in each bill as well as the naked text. I am reasonably certain that all of you, at one time or other wanted to read the text of a bill, and could not find it, OR, what was found was something written like this: “in line 45 on page 2654 we are changing the 4th word to “and” instead of “but”.” If that is the way it is, then nobody will have to look up the bill referenced, because my vote will be “NO” It could be the greatest bill in history, but if we cannot read it easily, it will definitely be NO. Why? Because there will always be the appearance of fraud when one hides the original, and the final. Instead, I will advocate that all bills be complete. If there is an amendment bill, there needs to be a complete before, a complete after, and a document with all of the changes, by themselves accompanying the before and after. 

This is necessary, because we have one of the most secretive governments in the history of the United States, and this is not only unnecessary, it is unconstitutional. Due to the secrecy in place, along with the draconian controls the various agencies have over the freedom of the Citizens of the United States, oversight is next door to impossible. 

My campaign literature states that I oppose all taxes. To anyone wondering what this means, allow me to clarify. Pennsylvania has a 15% tax on Liquor, and it started out as a “temporary tax” to help defray the cost of rebuilding Johnstown after the flood… of 1936…. There are too many examples like this! Currently being discussed is the possible raising of sales tax here in Pennsylvania in order make up the budget short fall for education, and then, maybe, to lower property taxes. Like the fuel tax that Governor Corbett pushed for, this tax increase has bipartisan support. This means that both Republicans and Democrats like it. Both parties will vilify the other while pointing fingers of blame, but make no mistake. Their only disagreement comes at the end of the accounting when it could be determined who got to spend how much on what.

I have a disagreement regarding the taking of this money in the first place! Taxpayers do not receive better service from the government as a result of the higher taxes. The Turnpike rates continue to climb despite the fact that the gas tax is supposed to pay for the roads here in PA. I have disagreements about taking this money in the first place when the infrastructure is still crumbling, and with a lack of transparency and accountability, we are all left wondering where the money went / was spent!

Fellow residents of District 8, I am running because, like you, I am tired of complaining about the same problems! In this particular case, our options are limited. We can either vote in the status quo, receive the same problems service, or we can all work together, throw out the career politicians, and remove the government from our path and our checkbooks! I do not promise to solve these problems instantly, but what I can and will promise is this: I will not use force or fraud to further my goals, and whatever is being voted on, the text will either be made public, along with a reasoning for a yes vote, OR, the reasoning for my no vote. I suspect that there will be a very large number of no votes.

A little about me: Born in Lakeland Florida, I moved to Pennsylvania shortly after birth, (within days) and I have been living in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania nearly my entire life (with the exception of my time spent overseas for military service.) I recently purchased my first home in Langhorne (Middletown Township), and I am very happy and excited to be living here! Professionally, I have been a business owner, an inventor, and an employee, I enjoy working with my hands, whether that is building computers, bicycles, or just about anything else. Politically I have been pro Liberty for my entire life! I became active with segments of the party in the early 90’s, but I became more involved in the early 2000’s. Bit by bit, I became more active, and now, I cannot imagine not being active!

Finally, I would like to reiterate that I am running because I NEED to be able to vote for someone other than the same style of politician that we have been offered for an unbearably long time! The offerings from the Republican and the Democrat Parties enjoy squabbling about how they are going to spend the money raised by tax increases. I will be speaking about how government needs to be giving tax dollars back to the people. Politicians lie, but I have a record, as Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. I have a record of transparency, because I decided that we needed to stream our board meetings live, and keep them archived so that Libertarians across the state could see what we were doing, even if they could not attend said meetings in person. This was part of my record, and I will use all of you here to help me keep Pennsylvanians apprised of what is going on inside the DC Beltway! When you elect me, in essence, you will be electing yourselves, because the only way to make a difference is if WE change this environment we are living in. It will be easy to determine how I will vote regardless of what the bill happens to be, and there will be no compromise of the basic Principles that I use to live my life. 

Currently, I am looking for volunteers to run for local offices. While it is true that we all work, it is important that we pounce on every opportunity to teach people why they DON’T need government running their lives! Anyone with questions, please write them off list, or even better, ask on my candidate Facebook page and I will answer them publicly (unless they are personal in nature, in which case, please message me off list.) anyone wishing to volunteer for my campaign, please message me off list. A donation site will be created shorty. I need to gather 6,000 signatures in order to keep from being challenged, I intend to hire professional petitioners, but if anyone here knows someone, or wishes to volunteer to gather signatures, your effort will be most welcome! On a side note, those wanting to run for local offices, get with me sooner rather than later, if running as a Libertarian, we can pool resources and I will work to help in each candidate’s district, especially those overlapping the 8th congressional district. Why? Because a signature for a local office is also a signature for me provided the paperwork is stacked.

On a side note, 610-636-8039 is my phone number; I live in Parkland, a subsection of Langhorne. Texting is best, but if you call and leave a message, please include a time that I can call back.