Matt Lowrie for 24th District Senate

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Hi I’m Matt Lowrie,

I’m a Libertarian and I’m running for Pennsylvania State Assembly here in the 145th district.  I’ve made my home in Quakertown, Pennsylvania with my wife and two sons.  Over the last few years I have adopted a personal motto “Is it one day, or is it day one?” this was the year I’ve decided I’ve had enough of watching this great area continue to descend and become overtaxed and overworked. 

This state has had some terrible trends.  Over the past ten years I’ve witnessed a disturbing trend in Quakertown, our district, our state, and our country.  We have seen nothing but increased taxes, increased bureaucracy, and worst of all an increase in our elected official’s loyalty to their parties over that of their people.  This is what has driven me to run for office.  Our elected officials must be accountable to their constituents, not to the political party funneling funds, and not to the special interest groups providing their kickbacks.

Our current situation must be fixed! If you live in Quakertown, you are probably already aware of the current situation with our school district, what you may not be aware of is the one of the men who is responsible for that is our current elected representative!  You may also not have realized that for 29 of the past 30 years we have seen our taxes continually increase! And for what? I ask each of you reading this, what more are you getting from the state that you weren’t before?

Like you I’ve had enough of this nonsense.  Every Democrat and every Republican only cares about one thing- satisfying the needs of their party.  I am running because I need another choice! I can’t in good conscience vote for either candidate when I know all they will do is work to support their parties goals while ignoring the people who elected them. 

Ask yourself this- if you owned a business, and sent an employee to negotiate a contract for you, would you be satisfied if that employee negotiated a higher price for you while getting a commission for themselves? That is exactly what my opponents in the 145th district have done! We pay more taxes, we pay more for gas, we pay more for tolls, while they continue to waste our hard earned money.

I am a Libertarian, I fully subscribe to the Non-Aggression Principle which states: “I refuse to initiate the use of force or fraud to achieve my goals.” To align with this principle, I am making the following promises, right now, on Day 1, to every single constituent in this district:

  1. I will be completely transparent on how I will vote and what my position is
  2. I will adhere to the basic principle that “People are in a better position to run their lives than the government.”
  3. I will vote against any legislation that limits a person’s choice,
  4. I will vote against and legislation that increases taxes on any individual.
  5. I will read every bill before voting on it.  Our current representatives vote along party lines.  I will vote with the people of Pennsylvania’s best interest in mind
  6. I will work to create simpler and more transparent bills.
  7. I will make sure there is are summaries of events on my webpage, a listing of upcoming votes, and an explanation of each bill
  8. I will hold myself accountable for decisions.
  9. I will act independently from and partisan politics
  10. I will call for a full audit of all state spending.  It’s time for you to know how and where your money is going.

I oppose the excess we have in taxation. We still carry a temporary 15% tax on Liquor to To defray the cost after a flood in 1936. Our gas taxes have done nothing but continually increase over the last few years as have our property taxes.  Ask yourselves, do you receive better service from the government as a result of the higher taxes? Is the Turnpike in better condition with the increased tolls? The gas tax is supposed to pay for the roads here in PA so where is that money going? There is a lack of transparency in our Government, and when Elected I will call for a full audit of the state’s spending.  We all work very hard for our money, and it is time for our money to work hard for us.  I promise you this, I will fight for you, and to cut frivolous spending across the board.

I despise cowards.  Unfortunately, the elected officials we have now are just that; they hide behind party politics and scare tactics.  I am asking for your vote to help make Pennsylvania the best state it can be.  Our area is sometimes referred to as the Cradle of Liberty, and a few years back there were a number of people who met in Philadelphia because they had enough of over taxation.  They had enough of not being properly represented by the government, and they chose to do something about it.  They chose to make it day 1. 

Today I ask for your help.  I ask for your vote.  I ask that you grant me the privilege to go to Harrisburg and represent you and what is in your best interests.  I ask you to make this election day, your day 1. 

About me: I was born in Binghamton, New York (about an hour north of Scranton, PA) A once great town that has been overtaxed, lost jobs, and suffering from an opioid epidemic. I graduated from SUNY ESF, a small environmental school attached to Syracuse University, with a degree in environmental biology.  In 2006 I moved to Pennsylvania and have been living Quakertown since then with my wonderful wife, our two sons, and our dogs. Professionally, I have worked in the Pharmaceutical industry for a number of years developing new medications and other innovations.

I enjoy Camping, Kayaking, Target shooting with my family (both boys are great shots!), wood working, home improvement projects, and I am an avid homebrewer and home cook.  I’ve coached my sons Lacrosse and Soccer teams, and the entire family is active with the Boy Scouts of America.

Thanks for the time, and please let me know if you have any questions, because I am here for you.

Matt Lowrie, Libertarian, and Candidate for the 145th district.