Giovanni D. Martello Richlandtown Borough Councilman

Councilman Giovanni D. Martello is an elected official in North Western Bucks County, PA’s Richlandtown Borough located within Richland Township. He had volunteered in 2016 to learn what was going on in his community and also looking to help out in events. He began attending local council meetings and had spoken with the local Mayor and several Councilmen/women about his intent to volunteer as a learning experience on how the borough is run and to start a career in public service where he could make a difference. 

As fate would have it, in August 2016 one of the Councilmen stepped down and resigned from his role. The Council had 30 days to fill the seat and approached Giovanni about his request for a learning experience. There is no better way to learn than by doing so first hand, so Giovanni accepted the offer to fill the seat and continue the term of the previous councilman until November 2017. 

2017 is a big year for Local Elections and Giovanni intends to run as a Libertarian and ask the community to put their trust in him for a full term. He has been heavily involved in the community since last year attending local events, talking to neighbors, door to door surveying about important issues, as well as volunteering on a local Association regarding the construction of a Dog Park. 
Giovanni’s intent is to show everyone he comes in contact with that Libertarians are caring people who do not want to impose on the people they represent, but instead want to limit governmental overreach and keep taxes as low as possible. Government spending should be done very liberally and with careful thought and planning. Givoanni believes that he has had a positive effect on his community and believes that he is helping to promote Liberty and gain a foothold with which to move further up into higher office in the future. 

If you have any questions for Giovanni feel free to contact him at . Giovanni is a card-holding official member of the National Libertarian Party as well as a dues paying member of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylania. 

If you are a Libertarian or a Liberty minded individual in the Bucks County area, please consider stopping by our Monthly meeting at M.O.M.’s (Maxwells on Main)  restaurant on Main Street in Doylestown the First Monday of every month @ 7pm.